The Green Smoothie Challenge

The Green Smoothie Challenge
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The Green Smoothie Challenge

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Buyer Beware of Maltodextrin!

I was recently at a training for an awesome product called Ultima Replenisher. If you are looking for an electrolyte drink that is actually good for you, look no further. You can find Ultima at Super Supplements and most other health food stores in the US. As I was trained about this product I learned that there is an ingredient we might all want to know more about. It's maltodextrin. I love ingredient labels that do not contain these types of ingredients b/c I can't keep them all straight!! Well, if you see this one just know that 99% of it comes from GMO corn. I wish they had to reveal this to us, but the only way we would know that it is not from GMO corn is if the label actually states this. GMO foods are some that I steer clear of but I did not realize that this ingredient comes from corn. I thought I'd share this with you in case you were unaware as well. It turns out that Ultima is GMO, gluten and sugar FREE!!

It's an awesome drink to give to your kids instead of a juice box! It will give them their electrolytes and it tastes great too:)

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