The Green Smoothie Challenge

The Green Smoothie Challenge
Lose Weight and Feel Great!

The Green Smoothie Challenge

Kick start your heatlhy lifestyle with The Green Smoothie Challenge! I have created this cleanse as a way for you to refresh and rejuvenate. Many people find that they lose a lot of weight, increase their energy levels and improve their health. So, come join the fun at my new Web site
Get your friends to do it with you. This makes it so much easier!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Finding a Holistic Health Practioner

Are you wondering where in the world to find a doctor that uses a holistic approach to medicine? Visit to find a holistic health practitioner in your area. What is a holistic health practitioner? Functional medicine practitioners bring together conventional medicine with natural health to give you a complete picture of your health through conventional testing methods and natural healing techniques.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Green Smoothie Challenge!

I have created a cleanse to help you kick start your new year with a fresh lifestyle change! The Green Smoothie Challenge is a time of refreshment where you will drink only green smoothies and munch on fresh fruits and veggies for 1,3,5, or 10 days. I have launched a campaign for the first annual world-wide Green Smoothie Challenge. Join people from around the world who desire to improve their health and lose weight, set new goals and be rejuvenated. The Official Green Smoothie Challenge contest begins on January 5, 2010, the same day as the world-wide event. Find all the details and grab my book, The Green Smoothie Challenge Companion on the new Web site at Hope to see you there.